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Brazilian by birth but raised in Geneva, Nicole Kranz is a citizen of the world. She has lived in Israel, Mauritius, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and, currently, in Paris. A free spirit and self-educated, Kranz speaks five languages and began her career in the luxury hotel industry before settling upon her true passion: writing. While working as a journalist and editor, she wrote her first novel, Bullshit: this is not a love story. The writing of this novel showed her that her passion is also a profession, one which is learned through perseverance. Both violent and gentle, her raw writing style leaves space for true, even unsettling emotions.


« Be yourself. », Such a pithy expression. Yet it’s only by experiencing the graciousness and the suffering of one’s own life that we can finally allow ourselves to live who we truly are—without limits, without criticism, without the judgement of other—in complete personal freedom.

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