Bullshit : this is not a love story


Author’s Note

My first novel… quite a story. My own, but also maybe yours. A frightening subject: domestic abuse. How to describe what it’s like to be caught in the net of a narcissistic pervert? Whether he’s your life partner or a friend, a colleague, a parent or even your child, these empathy-lacking beings all operate in a similar fashion. Only the scenario changes. I was forced to watch a bullfight once and I saw my own story in that arena. A bloody ballet.

About the book

Cedric loves me, I know he does. He loves me. A mantra that keeps Chloe alive. A way of denying Cedric’s sometimes cruel behavior. Because when he takes her in his arms, she is close to understanding love, is sure she will never again feel abandoned. Never mind the insults and screams, never mind a few small bruises or unsettling sexual requests. Eventually Cedric’s sexual abuse becomes more tolerable than his verbal scorn and emotional instability. Chloe forgets how to use the word “no”, learning quickly that “yes” will grant her respite, and even sometimes the love for which she yearns. Following the ritualized acts of a corrida, BULLSHIT: this is not a love story, draws the reader into the darker side of human nature. A suffocating and emotional thriller, this page-turning debut auto-fiction novel by Nicole Kranz is a gripping portrait of a narcissistic pervert.


Documentary on France 5

Documentary on France 5 - Pervers narcissiques - Violence invisible diffusé le 08/01/2019

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